Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cambridge Cay

Thursday 27 January – Friday 28 January

We spent a couple of extra days at Warderick Wells in the Exumas Land and Sea Park, waiting out a front that never made it this far south. Snorkeling at a couple of reefs near the north anchorage, the water is still pretty cool but not too bad with wet suits. Since the park is a protected no fishing zone, there was plenty of sea life on the reefs. One modest coral head about 20 ft x 20 ft just a few boat lengths from our mooring had 20+ lobsters all over 10 lbs. They were literally standing on top of each other in the coral's nooks and crannies. Reminded us of the lobster tunnel at Atlantis.
       Thursday is a cloudy day as we head out for Cambridge Cay at 10, just a short trip south in the calm Sound, a big difference from a few days before. We are re-moored by noon. Even though the temperature is 80°, with the clouds & wind, I am chilled. Steve takes the dinghy ashore to go check out a trail across the island to the sound side, while I stay warm on board. Friday is snorkeling day, glad it is sunny and warmer, we head out in the dinghy going north, passing O’Briens Cay on our way to the Sea Aquarium Reef. It has an amazing variety of fish and worth getting into the cold water for. The fish are obviously well fed by visitors since they school around you as soon as you enter the water, swimming right up to your face carefully watching your hands for food. Holding an underwater camera up to take pictures looks promising, and they quickly zoom in on it to see if it is edible. When no food appears they slowly drift away, but quickly flash back with any quick hand movement that looks like a potential handout. On the way back we stop at the Airplane Reef, a small light plane that crashed back in the 1980's. Back to the boat for lunch then head south to Rocky Dundas. It has two really neat caves you can swim into, both having stalactite & stalagmite formations and a hole in the ceiling that lets in light and air, it is a remarkable experience. The reef between the 2 caves as a great variety of fish also and a huge Elkhorn coral. Back in the dinghy and head back toward the anchorage stopping by the beach to hike over to the sound side Steve explored the day before and along the trail north on the Island. The views from on top of the ridges still take our breath away, looking east over the rocky cliffs at Exuma Sound and west over the sloping wooded terrain leading to the Exuma Bank. Another wonderful day in paradise.

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