Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prickly Bay - Grenada

Wednesday 17 August - Wednesday 31 August

Just a short update

After leaving Port Louis Marina, we head over to Prickly Bay, one of many bays on the south coast of Grenada where cruisers stay during hurricane season. It has been 7 years since a hurricane has hit Grenada, most go in north of here, and we are hoping this trend stays true this season. Plan B would be to run down to Trinidad / Tobago IF it looked like Grenada was in a hurricane path. Prickly Bay can be a little more rolly under certain weather conditions than some of the other more protected bays, but it is also a lot more convenient. It has 2 good bar / restaurants that both have live music. The Budget Marine store is right here, and just a short walk up the street from the restaurant De Big Fish is a bus stop to take you into town or anywhere along the route. Plus Spice Island Marina Boatyard is here and they have a welding shop that Steve talked to the owner to to get another quote on getting our arch made. So Prickly Bay will be our home for a little while. We have spent the first 2 weeks doing a few boat chores, meeting and mingling with the other boats, and a lot of swimming trying to stay cool. We did two dives one called ¼ wreck which was part of a ship being taken away on a barge for scrap, but the seas got rough & it fell over board. The second wreck the Veronica a full shell of a ship that sunk after the 2 owners could not agree on a buy out price. The reef next to this wreck is where we saw our first frog fish, and it was really neat watching this “guy” WALK on the reef. They have a cruisers net on the VHF radio each morning except Sundays and a Grenada Cruisers Facebook page to let everyone know of any activities going on. Some people are a lot more organized with their time as they seem to do quite a few of the activities. We have only done a couple with plans to do more. In the meantime we are enjoying this beautiful country with it's very friendly people. Steve has ordered the stainless to do the arch so that project should be done sometime during the month of September.
I will be flying back to Texas for a few weeks to visit family & friends while Steve hangs out on the boat and explores a little more of Grenada.

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