Monday, January 2, 2012

Grenada Once Again

Tuesday 13 December – Tuesday 3 January 2012

Once back in the cleaner water of Grenada, Steve went in to check on the bottom paint job. He really wanted to do it in Trinidad before we left BUT the water in that area was just too dirty to think about going in. The paint on the keel was already peeling off !!!! NOT GOOD. Steve sent an email to Peaks, the yard where we had the work done, and told them of the problem and that we were already up in Grenada. He suggested that we have Spice Island Marina take care of the repair here in Grenada and received an immediate response saying YES to talk to the owner of Spice Island and they (Peaks) would cover the cost. So where we were not thrilled about having to be hauled out again, we were very happy that Peaks owned up to being responsible for the cost. Steve thinks that since the keel had to be sanded down and primed, that either the primer paint was bad OR the timing of applying the primer and the anti fouling paint was wrong. In the end the yard here in Grenada did an excellent job of re-sanding the keel and re-painting. They also found a problem with the rudder that was missed down in Trinidad and could have been cause for a major problem if it was not addressed. So we were very grateful of having that problem fixed as well.

We have spent the most time in Grenada than any other place since leaving Texas almost two years ago, so it is with mixed feelings that we prepare to leave (again). After 4 months, Grenada feels like home BUT it is time to move on again. We enjoyed coming back seeing old friends and meeting new, spending the Christmas & New Years Holiday with people we knew while missing family back home. The weather this time of year has been great. Grenada is at the end of its wet season, still get daily showers but they are not as long or intense as during the summer, and the humidity has been much lower. The trade winds are back so it actually feels cool at night out in the anchorage. Walks around the Island are so pleasant with flowers in bloom and only having to carry one small bottle of water without fear of dehydration. Swimming in the bay still comfortable and refreshing. The new year 2012 will be a time for more exploring, of some familiar Islands where we stopped briefly on the way down and some new ones we missed. The adventure continues :) starting with the Grenadines as we leave Grenada on Tuesday January 3.

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