Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day's in Fort Pierce

Friday July 9 – Saturday July 17

Friday morning we get a few boat chores done, scrubbing the deck & some cleaning done before noon when Marilyn & Rudy picked us up to take us to the airport to check in with Customs & Immigration. Not the most efficient system for checking boaters in. If we were bad guys we never would have called to say we had entered back into the country (they never even knew we left). Seems like a phone call and then the marina office following up with a fax of our passports would work just as well. We were lucky the airport was not too far and we had someone to take us there. We did it according to the books this time, they do have an easier option that you can sign up for but you have to go talk to someone before you go and we did not have the chance to do that. We then went for a nice lunch with Marilyn & Rudy, then back to their house to visit. Steve listening to some funny stories about people he doesn't know. We have a great visit and Rudy generously offers us the use of his truck while we are here. We drive back to the marina and finish a few boat chores, and make contact with Chris & Robin Blair, whom we tried to meet up with in the Abacos but missed. We make plans to meet with them Saturday night for dinner. Saturday we spend most of the day working on the boat, finding things we need to order & doing laundry. Just as I am needing a break for lunch Rudy & Marilyn stop by to see how we are doing and take us to lunch here at the marina restaurant. We were still undecided on how long we would be staying at Harbortown Marina in Fort Pierce. We considered the option of going up to Melbourne, but we would have to travel up the ICW & go under a 65' bridge. Our order for the maps we needed to travel north on the east coast did not go through so we had to reorder them, along with a few other items. We found someone local that could do the bimini work and he would also be willing to deliver up to Melbourne if we moved on. All these things to consider to stay or move on. Rudy lets us know we can use the truck until the following Thursday, which is a strong plus factor to stay in Fort Pierce for a week. Saturday night we finally get to meet Chris & Robin, they come by the boat to visit before going out to dinner. They have been cruising for a few years now, and have a lot of tips and information on the cruising lifestyle. Sunday we take the truck and drive to the mall, and stores. It has been a while since we have been able to just get in a car & go wherever & whenever we need. Big difference now is the time it takes to find out where places are, and just because the GPS says something is someplace does not mean it is still there. We enjoy seeing the sites as we pick up a few things we need. Not sure where the time goes but the days just fly by, bimini picked up, boat maintenance chores, manicure & pedicure, hair cuts, massage, more shopping, visit to the Navy Seal’s museum, polishing boat, swimming in marina pool, more boat maintenance, more polishing, out to dinner, bimini returned along with a sun screen for dodger, parts ordered and received. Next thing we knew a week has passed and it was time to move on.

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