Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fiddle Cay

Friday July 2 – Sunday July 4

Friday morning we are up on deck at 9:30 watching boats come into the anchorage and to Fiddle Cay for the days event. The smaller power boats and cats moving in close to the Island the bigger draft boats staying further out. A little before 11 we are heading in ourselves. Never having been to one before we were not sure what to bring so we brought our boat chairs & table that had served us so well at many a TMCA function. A cooler with water & diet coke, knew they would have margaritas and rum punch but wanted something else to drink with the alcohol. We make our way to the Island and already a lot of boats are there, we find a place to pull the dinghy in and tie her off to a tree on shore as well as a stern anchor. Leaving chairs, table & cooler in the dinghy to go explore the party scene. And what a scene it is, hard to describe so you will just have to look at the pictures, I think they can convey more then I could ever say. It’s so big it’s hard to estimate numbers, but I think there were easily a couple of hundred boats of various sizes, and at least a thousand people. Most of the open cockpit power boats are lined up side by side on fore and aft anchors with their sterns facing inwards forming a giant rectangular lagoon maybe 100’x 300’with the beach on one side. We get drinks and walk around taking in the scene. We decide to go get in the food line, which is already halfway across the lagoon before it gets even longer and the place gets more crowded. Meet up with Jackie and her daughter Rebecca who flew in a few days ago to sail back to Florida with her parents who have been here. The line moves slow but everyone is socializing going to get refills of margaritas or rum punch as we wait, and keeping cool as we’re waist deep in the water.. Keeping it simple Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, & French Fries are on the menu hard to go wrong with that combo. We are not usually tempted to buy T-shirts from events or anyplace now that we have limited space to put things, but we thought this event warranted buying a commemorative shirt. No need for our chairs & table but wish I had thought to bring my float that I have not had the chance to use. This would have been the perfect time to have a float as some of the pictures reveal. We are thankful for the cloudy skies as it keeps the temperature down and very comfortable without direct sun. The party starts to break up around 5 and we are heading back to our boat amazed at the days event and that the rain stayed away. Around 7 that evening it starts to rain and stays with us all night and on & off most of the next day. The boat has needed a good rinse, and this is helping to wash off some of the salt although a good scrubbing will be needed when we have access to water that is not $0.15 a gallon. Saturday we watch as most of the boats pull out, some will be participating in the days race but with NO wind it turns out to be a very slow race, others head down closer to the town on the Island a little further south. Later we do the same getting closer to New Plymouth and Settlement Point for a better internet connection and to go into town for the nights race award party which the weather as so nicely cleared up for. Spend a little time visiting with people but even with bug spray the rain has brought the gnats & or no-see-um's out in a way I have never seen. After a couple of hours we head back to the boat where we can hear the music late into the night. Sunday HAPPY JULY 4th. Decision time the weather is not looking very promising for our crossing of the Gulf Stream on Tuesday. We can stay put here at Green Turtle, or make our way northwest to stage for the crossing OR head back southeast to Treasure Cay for another race related party. To be decided, to be continued.
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