Monday, March 29, 2010

2nd day in Pensacola

Monday 3/28 , we pull up anchor and the white sand just falls right off the anchor, NO need for the wash down pump :). Out from the cove & up the Bay to the town of Pensacola, we knew we could not get under the bridge to Pensacola Beach and the 2 marina's before the bridge looked depth challenging so we came into the town Palafox marina. We were a little worried about the strong north wind & how that would affect docking at the marina but once closer to land it cut the wind a little and it actually helped push us up to the bulkhead, just hope the light wind prediction for tomorrow is correct so we can get off the bulkhead as I am sure some TMCA folks can relate to. Not much to the "downtown" area of Pensacola but we went for a long walk through town and had a nice lunch than back to the boat to wash the salt spray off and do laundry from our clothes we had on for the 3 day cruise over. Than another long walk back out for dinner. Tomorrow we are heading for Destin. Hope to soon learn how to put pictures in with the blog I am writing instead of doing them on a separte blog.


  1. Hi Alice,

    Your crossing was much smoother and lots faster than mine.

    After adding a picture to the post, you can drag it around. If you use the old blog editor, you can change the size also.

    I have problems trying to align two or three pictures straight across the page. Sometimes, the published blog post doesn't look like the one in the editor.

    If I learned HTML code, I could do better. richard

  2. Hi, we're former TMCAer's to. We left Watergate 3 years ago and are on our sailcat SV Toucan Dream. We're on the east side of Florida and hope to be crossing to the Abacos this coming weekend. Is this your first time to Florida? Are y'all headed that way? If so we hope to meet up with y'all.


    Chris and Robin Blair