Saturday, March 13, 2010

Almost Ready

Well we had great intentions that we could get EVERYTHING ready in these last two weeks since I have been off from work. After our fifth garage sale we have boxed up all the left overs and are waiting for a pick up from a charity organization. My Sister Carol & dear friend Gina hosted a fabulous Bon Voyage party on Saturday March 6th. It was wonderful to see & be able to say "goodbye" to so many great friends. This past week has been crazy with so many things to do it felt like we were not making any progress. Than FINALLY today a lot came together and we can see light at the end of the tunnel. The boat is 85 % packed !! Things are actually fitting & I sure love those vacuum seal bags to put clothes in & be able to stuff them up against the bulkhead. Still have 3 big pieces of furniture we are hoping to sell this week before they have to get donated to charity &, will be putting the cars up for sale tomorrow. Our goal is to have everything on board & the house EMPTY & cleaned by Friday. Than weather permitting we will leave on Saturday March 21st. Will keep you posted & will try to post some pictures :)

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