Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 1 - Stuck in the Mud

Our departure plan was to leave on the back of a strong norther that came through Saturday, but Sunday found us deep in the mud in the canal behind our house, because the norther was so strong it blew all the water out of the bay and the canal. Water depth in the canal is normally 8-9 feet, but the strong north winds dropped it by 4-5 feet, leaving our keel with our 6.25 ft draft a foot or two in the mud. We weren't going anywhere, and Monday morning the water was even lower. We finally started floating Monday around 4-5 PM. During our delay we had another alarm on the water maker, so the time was put to good use getting that issue resolved. It also allowed us to slow our pace down and not exhaust ourselves finishing loading the boat and cleaning the house. Those tasks are now complete a few things onboard need to find a home but 99 % we are ready to go. Now we get to monitor the weather window. Our next shot will be Thursday afternoon AFTER this next front comes through we will try to follow right behind it catching some of the northwest wind coming with it. The next concern will be another cold front coming in Sunday we will need to watch that to see if our 4 day window to Pensacola will be affected. As anxious as we are to get this new life started we do not want to start it the wrong way so we are waiting for the right conditions, hopefully that will be this Thursday. But we have the next 7 to 10 years so if we need to wait a few more days we will.

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