Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to Elbow Cay / Tahiti Beach & Kayaking

Friday June 25 thru Monday June 28

We leave our anchorage at Tiloo Cay at 2 in the afternoon heading for the south tip of Elbow Cay, which as the crow flies is only a ½ mile away. BUT we have to traverse around some very shallow area so we have to head east all the way over to Great Abaco Island before we can head north and then back west to Elbow Cay. We pass right by the Boat Harbor Marina we stayed at a week ago to pick up Sean and we know where the fuel dock is and that we can get to it easily so we make a stop to top off with 70 gallons of fuel. When we left here Steve bought a $5 bag of ice that he forgot to get, so we figure we will get it now. The fuel attendant said he was not authorized to give us a bag, so Steve goes to the office and explains what happened, and asks for bag of ice. Well you would think we were pulling the scam of a lifetime, like we would go through all this just for a bag of ice. They have to pull Steve’s receipt to verify he did in fact pay for the bag of ice then reluctantly let him get a bag. Away from the fuel dock heading west toward Elbow Cay & Hope Town we have to get almost to shore before being able to turn south. This is where we previously anchored out when we visited Hope Town only now we are even closer to shore, it is low tide so we are going very slow to see how far south we can get. We have several places we can stop & anchor if the water gets too shallow before getting to Tahiti Beach, our final destination. We make it down as far as we thought we would be able to go before running out of water, and are anchored by 5. It is pretty funny that we can see our first anchorage at Tiloo Cay, but had to come such a roundabout way to get here. Such is life in the Abacos with a deep draft boat. We have a nice swim off the boat and a relaxing dinner on board. Saturday we head out to explore this part of the Island. Tahiti beach at high tide is almost covered at low tide you can walk from the Sea of Abaco to the Atlantic Ocean. We then head over to Lubbers Quarters Cay to see where Cracker P’s is located as we are planning to go back there for their howling at the moon buffet dinner & party. Back to the boat shower & change and back to Cracker P’s for dinner, tide is up now so we have water under the dinghy at the dock. A lot of people staying at nearby islands come over by motor boat, you can tell the difference from those that come by dinghy from an anchored boat by the way we dress. Shorts, tank tops & flip flops verses dresses and high heels. This area of the Bahamas is so close to Florida that many of the people we meet just hop back and forth between the two especially the power boaters that can come across at 25 knots. We have a fun night out and the full moon to see by on the dinghy ride back to the boat. Sunday we have another relaxing day, enjoying the views and watching a lot of the boats leave this anchorage. Monday we were going to move to another Island but we decide to get the kayaks out and do some exploring in White Sound that is too shallow for us to get with our boat. Well we are working on a video that if we can get it posted and maybe even sent into America Funniest Videos we could win. The kayak trip starts in calm waters and we make our way into White Sound. We had been to the Abaco Inn by bicycle when Sean was visiting, now we were in the same area by water. First we make our way over to Sea Spray marina and resort and kayak around there. We go ashore from at their dock and walk around; you can hear the waves crashing on the Atlantic side so we asked the dock master if we could bring the kayaks over. He said we could BUT it is a little rough out there and suggests we walk over to take a look first. We have wanted to try the kayaks out in waves so we walk over to look. It is kind of rough out in the Atlantic but not too bad but the beach here is very small and has some sharp rocks on either side which would NOT be good to come crashing into with our bodies or our inflatable kayaks. Back at the marina we talk to the dock master again and he suggests that the beach down by the Abaco Inn might be better. Off we go to the Abaco Inn going ashore on the sound side leaving the kayaks on that beach while we walk over and look at the Atlantic side beach. It is better suited for what we have in mind, at this time I am a little apprehensive as to whether I will be able to get out through the waves crashing on shore. Steve goes back across and gets one of the kayaks to bring over. He goes out first with no problems, paddling out over the waves having a great time and rides them back in having a blast. Now it is my turn to try, Steve has me tie the line for the kayak to my ankle like he did in case I get tipped over so it will not get away. This is where it gets FUNNY, I am just trying to walk down to the water and the waves come up and knock me over, several times. Between laughing and the waves rolling over me and the kayak it is a sight to be seen. Trying to hold on to the paddle and with a kayak tied to my ankle and with my bad knees I have a hard time getting up. Steve is standing nearby filming, so is no help. Finally I somehow manage to get up and in the water and out over the waves, it is a blast. On the way back in I get sideswiped by a wave & tossed off. Now I have to try to get back on, again a sight to be seen, at least the waves are pushing me & the kayak towards shore. At last I get back on & ride the rest of the way to shore. YES it was worth it ! Steve goes out again and this time he gets tossed off also, of course he manages to get back on much easier than I did. We go up to the Abaco Inn’s pool and rinse off the sand, get a drink and order lunch. After lunch and a rest we go back to White Sound side and kayak back to the boat. What a fun day on the water, and I have the bruises to prove it.

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