Thursday, June 17, 2010

Great Guana Cay to Marsh Harbour

Monday June 14 – Tuesday June 15

We stay at Great Guana Cay and spend the DAY working on the main sail trying to get it out of the mast. Pulling on it, rolling it out and in, swinging the boom back and forth trying to help it inch itself out. Sending Steve up the mast to see if he can see where it is jammed. I am sure we had several people wondering why that sail boat is trying to get their main sail out at anchor. We would put has much tension on the outhaul line as possible then let it sit for a while. The sheet was totally loose and light winds so the boom would just move a little until we pushed it from side to side. FINALLY at 5:30 we got it all the way out! Now we have to roll it back in! and hope that it does not jam up the following day. We have been swimming on & off all day to keep cool during all this and Steve decides he will make dinner and then turn the generator on so we can eat with the A/C on. Five minutes after sitting down to eat the generator quits, it is running HOT again! Too hot to work on so we open all the hatches back up and finish dinner. Sit up on deck where it is a little cooler while the generator cools off. Steve finds the problem is cracked PVC fitting where seawater is injected into the exhaust. NOT as easy a fix as sea grass in the filter this will need a new part which we MIGHT be able to find in Marsh Harbour our next destination. We survive the warm evening and Steve is up early on the internet looking for a replacement part in case we can’t find one here in the Islands. We are underway by 8:30 Tuesday morning for a short hop across the Sea of Abaco to Great Abaco Island, and the town of Marsh Harbour. Wind is on the nose but with fingers crossed we pull the main out to test it, and she comes out with no problem. The sail is a little old & baggy (the sail not me) but still in good shape so not sure why it was jamming, we rolled it up real tight and will have to see if it continues to be a problem. Steve had talked on the VHF radio to the cruisers net and got some feedback as to where he might be able to find a replacement part, but just in case & to be on the safe side he has scanned the part info & emailed it to Sean. Sean will try to pick it up and bring it with him on Wednesday. Sean is thinking he is going on vacation but he is really delivering boat supplies, visitors beware you will be provided a list of what to bring (LOL). We are docked & checked in at Abaco Beach Resort and Marina in Boat Harbour by 11. Get the map out to see where the hardware & marine stores are and head off to see if we can find the part for the generator. We pass a bike rental place on the way & decide to rent bikes to go into town for our search. Meanwhile back in the states Sean is having his own troubles trying to get 3 things we needed for the boat. No luck finding the part but Steve does figure out a temporary fix. Stop for a late lunch, back to the boat where Steve fixes the generator while I go do Laundry & clean the boat, taking a swim in the pool to cool off. A busy day in paradise.

While Steve was up the mast he takes some pictures of the great view

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