Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Old Bahama Bay / Grand Bahama

We slept late on Tuesday, and when we got up a lot of boats were pulling out to move on to other Islands.  We were staying for one more day, never having been here and getting in so late Monday night we did not have a chance to see anything.  We walk around the resort checking out the beautiful scenery, and decide to have an early lunch (skiped breakfast) and then take the resort bicycles in to "town" to see what else is on this end of the Island.  Remembering to ride on the left side of the road we head out.  Turns out there is not much of anything to see, plenty of conch shells all along the road.

A very poor section of the Island, nothing to see or visit, but plenty of friendly people as everyone you pass says hello. On the way back we take a spin through the exclusive neighborhood next to the marina.  Some beautiful homes on gorgeous canals.  Get back and cool off with a dip in the pool right before a 30 minute thunder storm passes over. 

We will be heading out Wednesday morning to explore the outer Islands of the little Bahama Bank & Abacos.  NOT sure  when we will have internet access again, I will be keeping a log and will be taking plenty of pictures to update when ever we can.  Here is the link to the pictures from today.  http://picasaweb.google.com/103931849054358791487/WestEndOnGrandBahamaIsland?feat=directlink


  1. I think I want to change my assessment that this is a life-style change, not a vacation!

  2. Happy to see you made contact with Chris Blair. we Liked Hope Town the most..