Friday, June 11, 2010

Green Turtle Cay

Tuesday June 8 – Wednesday June 9

The Islands are close together in this part of the ocean, so we do not have an early departure which is always a plus for me. We enjoy some papaya on deck before pulling up anchor and are underway by 9:30. Very light winds this morning, but we only have to go 17 miles so we are sailing at about 5 knots. By 10:30 we are passing Coopers Town on Little Abaco. Winds pick up a little as we are passing another private Island Ambergris Cay, looks like a nice house or two & beach & dock , must be nice to have your own Island here in the Bahamas. By 1 we are anchored just outside of Black Sound and the town of New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay. First we take the dinghy into Black Sound with the portable depth finder just to verify the reported depth. Looks like we can get in, just one tricky part where we would have to be careful and at high tide it would not be a problem. We decide our anchorage is pretty convenient, and we have no need for a marina at this time so we will stay at anchor. Next we dinghy over to the “town” side of the Island, and they have several places to tie up at.

We walk around the town which is maybe a ½ mile long by a ¼ mile wide so it does not take us long to make the rounds. Find a place for lunch, stop at a “grocery” store on the way back, and make a reservation to rent a golf cart on Wednesday to tour the Island. Back on board the boat and by 5 pm we get internet service and can reconnect with the world. Spend the rest of the night, with a break for dinner, going thru emails and updating the blog. Wednesday morning is cloudy & looks like we could get some rain during the day. We pack a backpack with snorkel gear and stuff to bring, just in case and since we have wheels no problem carrying it. By 9 we are driving away in our golf cart to see the sights.

 Mind you this is a three mile long Island & maybe a mile wide so I think we went up & down every street and saw everything we could. Some of the roads were “paved” but most were not and it was like an amusement park ride going up & down some of the roads, and trying to remember to drive on the left. There is a lot of new building going on and they are putting in new sewer lines so on top of the narrow, bumpy streets they had work crews tearing up one side of the road in places. A lot of the homes are available as rentals so most of them have names not addresses. We were amazed at how many places were available for such a remote Island accessible only by boat or by boat taxi/”ferry” from Great Abaco. Once again an Island with beautiful beaches, greenery & scenery the pictures do not even begin to capture the true beauty that we are so lucky to be seeing. We make it through the day without rain and are thankful for the clouds that kept the day a little cooler. The cruising network of people in this close knit group of Islands is a relatively small group, and you tend to run into the same people and boats from Island to Island. At the end of the day as we stop at one last place we run into a couple Carrie & Rob that had arrived at Old Bahama Bay as we checked into the Bahamas over a week ago. Something familiar in a not familiar place is a good thing.

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