Monday, April 12, 2010

Away from the marina

One of the "party" boats going by
Relaxing at anchor with a margarita :)

Our dock for the last week

We lucked out and got a phone # from the marina for a canvas shop who actually answered the phone on Sunday. Seems they work out of their house so the # we had was their home # as well as their business #. They did not do tube work but recommended someone who did. We called them & left a message explaining our situation. Monday morning when Steve called back we were told someone was on their way to the Marina. He arrived around 10 & by 2:30 that afternoon we had the repaired tube back. It was too late to head out to our next destination, but we did not need to stay in the slip at the marina for another night. The marina was very convenient, but costly, and we like hanging on the hook much better. So later that afternoon we untied the dock lines and went out about 200 yards to anchor out overnight. Tuesday morning we will continue south stopping at Egmont key to anchor out again before continuing on to Venice.

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