Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sailing to Egmont Key

This is the 5th leg of our journey, just a short little trip down the coast. We have a great sail down to Egmont key with 15 knot winds on the beam, flat seas, emerald green water, blue skies just a beautiful day. Doing 6-8 knots so by 2 we are in Pass -a-Grill channel and by 3 we are anchored. The old saying of Cruising is boat maintenance in pretty places is coming true. On the way down we were running the water maker and heard the bilge pump going. Sure enough we have a small hole in the tube running from the water maker. Found the leak, now we have to find a place to get the fitting to splice the tube . In the meantime we have plenty of water just can't make our own right now. We enjoy another beautiful sunset from the cockpit of the boat with dolphins swimming near by.

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