Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spending time in Clearwater

Wednesday 4/7 we are still in Clearwater and will be here till Saturday, the week rate at the marina is the same as 5 days, and the part Steve is waiting to be mailed back will arrive on Friday. A small front will be passing Friday afternoon so we will stay put until than & head down the coast on Saturday. Weather is great, warm days with a cool sea breeze, cool at night need a jacket. We have NOT had to use the A/C just open the hatches during the day and it stays comfortable. In the evening, it cools down so we have to close all the hatches. We are a 5 minute walk to the beach and have many restaurants to choose from all within a 30 minute walk. So staying put in Clearwater for a week is NOT a problem. This is a great place to walk around and people watch, or just hang in the cockpit of the boat reading, and talk to people as they walk by. It is getting hard to tell what day it is as we get up when we want & do what we want when we want with NO schedule to keep. I am thinking this is a great way to spend the next 7-10 years. We have this Mega Yacht staying at the marina. A 106 foot Lazzara called Stop the Press, she is for sale for 5.6 million if anyone is interested :). You have our word she is beautiful from our view looking across the marina at her. We found a web site to see what she looks like inside WOW !!! in our next life we want one of these LOL. For some reason they came over to the fuel dock today she takes 4000 + gallons of fuel! Not sure how much they put in BUT it took them 31/2 hours to fuel up. Talk about high maintenance. While we were at Best Buy Steve forgot that he had wanted to pick up some Bose noise canceling headphones, so sweet Gina went by there & picked them up for him and delivered them to the boat. WOW do they ever cancel out the noise & NO they are not so he can tune me out they are for when the engine is running and he is trying to use the single side band radio. Steve is cooking on board tonight first time to cook since we left. He had made several dinners that we froze & heated up on the trip over, but no cooking underway. So he is enjoying preparing a nice meal for us tonight.

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  1. Well, I had to google it to see what you were talking about. WOW! What a ship! In case anyone else wants to see the Stop the Press, here's 45 photos. Just copy and paste into your browser.

    When I win the lottery, I will buy it and let you and Steve live on it, ok? On condition that you take me and my buddies out for a month or so trip each summer. Deal?