Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tried to leave Clearwater

Well we had a plan, to fuel up and leave Clearwater this morning & do a short trip to Egmont Key to anchor out overnight before heading down to Venice. As we were trying to leave the fuel dock a combination of strong tide & wind gust caught us and we were pushed over into the boat pier dock. The bow thruster was not strong enough to straighten us out and I was not strong enough to push us off. The anchor roller on a Viking 60' fishing boat caught our bimini tubing and bent it. A boat fender bender. So back to the fuel dock , regrouped & decided it would be best to stay here in Clearwater to arrange to have it fixed on Monday. Hopefully if they can not straighten it out which is probably unlikely they will be able to bend a new one into the right shape & we can put it back on & be on our way Tuesday.

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