Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting ready to leave Clearwater

As we are enjoying Clearwater and our long afternoon walks on the beach. Finding a new afternoon stopping place to have a drink . It is time to make plans for our next destination. We are finding that with our 6'3" draft and our 68' mast height we are limited to the places we can go. So some of our recommended stops will have to be altered. I switched out some of my heavy clothes for shorts & tank tops BUT at night it is still pretty cool, so I am keeping some lighter weight sweats on hand. Hopefully in another week or two we can put those away also. The front predicted to come in Friday afternoon arrived around Midnight Thursday with the winds picking up, and the rain starting around 1 AM. Sounded like it rained most of the night and Friday was another beautiful day. We did another grocery store run while we new where one was close, used our "cart" that we got for this very reason & it worked great. Which unfortunately is more than I can say for the pactor modem Steve received back from California today and reinstalled BUT could still not get it to work correctly. He is not too happy about that, has a call into the company and waiting on a call back to see what he is doing wrong /missing to get it to work correctly. The fun learning curve of new things :) is not always so fun. He finally got it to work with the usb connection BUT still unable to get the bluetooth connection to work. A few boat chores taken care of and things are ready to go. Saturday they had a 5 K & 15 K Iron Girl Race / walk so we got up early to watch the start of that. Some of the racers had trouble with traffic & parking so they delayed the start a little. Some of the 5 K runners were already returning as we walked back to the boat. I'm sticking to afternoon walks on the beach. Sunday morning we will head out and have to by pass Sarasota due to the depth in the channel being too shallow. We will anchor out off Egmont Key for a night than head to Venice and anchor a night or two there. Than we will meet up with fellow TMCA members Richard & Joanne Collins who just recently moved to Punta Gorda from Dickinson Texas.

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